Saturday, March 22, 2008

McCain T-shirts

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Jeremiah Wright

This will haunt Barack Obama. His speech on race was great on addressing and confronting race in America. But it doesn't answer this question: Why did Obama attend a church, for 20 years, whose pastor wishes damanation on this nation? Obama knew of these controversial comments yet he chose to attend this church. Why? Why?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Shooting for the Stars

When man first emerged from the plains of Africa he looked across the grasslands and asked, "What's beyond that horizon?". Then he made the trek across the continent and populated Europe and Asia. Then humanity permeated into Australia, the Pacific, and the New World. Afterwards, he looked at the clouds and in a town called Kitty Hawk man soared with birds, however briefly. Then the worlds two superpowers, in a test of capitalism vs. communism, rocketed into the heavens and conquered our nearest celestial neighbor, the Moon. This is where man's destiny lies. The Earth is a fickle place, the human species, for all of our accomplishments is mortal, only luck has saved us from nature's fury. Our conquest of the heavens, the settlement of the Moon and Mars, this is mankind back-up plan. No dime should be spared, no resource left unexploited, no talent wasted in pursuit of this nessecary goal.